Artificial Intelligence Radar/RF Lab

                                                                                         - AiR Lab -

                                            Directed by  Youngwook Kim

                                       Sogang University, South Korea

 Smart Radar Empowered by Deep Learning Algorithms...




  AiR Lab researches on

                                   -Artificial Intelligence for Radar: Target detection, tracking, and classification

                                                                                                              using DANN, DCNN, DRNN, GAN, and GNN

                                   -Bio-Sensing: Human motion classification, gait analysis, hand gesture recognition, 

                                                                                                              heart rate tracking, blood pressure estimation, 

                                                                                                              speech recognition, uroflowmeter, eye blinking detection

                                   -Radar Signal Processing: Micro-Dopplers, frequency diverse array, nested array, 

                                                                                              SAR, ISAR 

                                   -RF Hardware Systems:  MIMO Radar, antenna array for DOA estimation

                                   -Antenna Design: Broadband antenna design, mesh antenna design, 

                                                                                                              small antenna design, antenna optimization

                                   -Applied Electromagnetics: On-body channel analysis, antenna impedance analysis


AiR Lab is recruiting post-Doc research fellows, graduate students, and undergraduate students interns who are interested in Radar Signal Processing using Artificial Intelligence, RF hardware, and Electromagnetics. Please contact Dr. Youngwook Kim for more information. 

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